Ginger Millsaps

It is my desire to provide the best client care to each and every person that comes to Gilstrap & Associates. My desire for the administrative staff is to treat each client as an individual and create an environment that reflects one of integrity, efficiency and an attitude that shows a desire to serve.
As manager of the office staff, and a passion for serving others, I will lead our team to serve the clients of Gilstrap & Associates, to show excellent customer care and more importantly, the love of Christ.

What brought you to Orlando?

I was born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. My husband and I moved here in 1983, right after college graduation, for a job opportunity and to pursue careers in the Sunshine State.

What is your professional or educational background?

I have served the past 30 years in office administration and office management.

How did you come to work at Gilstrap & Associates?

I have known the Gilstrap family for many years and have known of the impact that Gilstrap & Associates has had in our community. I jumped at the opportunity to join the team when I learned the position was available. I look forward to serving the community with love and compassion through Gilstrap & Associates.

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