Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #3465
A.R.T. Certified Therapist

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, my areas of expertise include working with individuals, couples, and families. My specialties include working with self-esteem, spiritual issues, shame resilience, forgiveness and acceptance, co-dependency, family and relationship discord, parenting, peer-conflict and bullying, abuse and life coaching and planning.

What is your main goal when working with a client?

My main goal is to help my clients navigate through their struggles (which may be impeding them from even knowing what their goal of therapy is) and assist them on their journey to self-discovery and awareness, personal and relational growth, healing and transformation, and ultimately fulfilling their purpose in life.

What is your approach and what methods do you employ?

My approach is client-centered and I believe the key to therapy is the client-therapist relationship. Therefore, I provide an emotional holding space for my clients that is safe, empathetic, and trusting. I see each of my clients as unique and do not believe “one method fits all” so my methods vary according to each client’s needs.

Depending on their needs, my approach to therapy may include helping my clients gain insight and self-awareness by accessing their inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions which influence their behaviors (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy); exploring family dynamics and attachments that shape their personality and impact their connections (Bowen); and/or empowering them to use their inner strengths and resources to develop healthy inter and intra-personal relationships so that they can become who they are meant to be (Solution-Focused Brief Therapy).

What age groups do you most often work with?

I work with all ages. I particularly enjoy my work with adolescents and couples.

Are you passive or active in the session, what can a client typically expect sessions to be like while working with you?

My desire is to develop a trusting relationship with my clients. When we sense that our internal world is shared by another and we “feel felt”, we are able to make meaning of our experiences and nourish our sense of resilience. Therefore, I meet my clients where they are because it is important for my clients to feel safe enough to expose the most intimate details of their lives. Once we develop a trusting relationship, I take an active role as a companion on my clients’ journeys by actively and empathetically listening and asking thought-provoking questions that facilitate their self-awareness and growth.

Clients can typically expect to feel validated, heard, respected; feel empowered to be the best version of themselves; feel valued and worthy even in their flaws, insecurities, and struggles; and to develop the ability to embrace and embody their resilience to spring forward through life’s most difficult moments. They can expect to accomplish all of these things with direct, honest feedback from a caring place, and being held accountable to do the necessary work on their end to achieve their goals.

What is your background and what are your credentials?

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I am a trained Prepare and Enrich Facilitator, Registered Behavior Technician, and Certified Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.

Before earning my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, I earned my Bachelor’s in Sports Management and Business Administration. My love of sports and lifelong involvement in soccer, have enhanced my passion for and understanding of the importance of teamwork, communication, and resilience. With years of involvement in competitive soccer, I learned how to form cohesive bonds both on and off the field by collaborating with teammates of diverse cultural backgrounds and differing personalities. These experiences inspired me to pursue an advanced degree in a career that highlights building healthy, supportive relationships, and developing internal drive and perseverance to fulfill our goals and enhance our never-ending transformation process throughout life.

What is the reason you decided to get into counseling?

I have always felt called to help and serve others because I believe that is my purpose in life. We all endure seasons of pain and challenges, and from my own personal trying experiences, I have realized that we are able to better get through these seasons with supportive relationships. I consider it a true honor to be a part of my clients’ journeys, whether it’s celebrating their joys, grieving in their sorrows, or stumbling through the darkness trying to find their way. Therefore, I got into counseling to provide my clients with the supportive relationships they need during their ups, downs, and in-betweens.

Tell us about your education.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management and Business Administration from Erskine College in South Carolina, and my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Converse College. I am looking forward to obtaining multiple certifications that will allow me to better serve my clients.


Undergraduate Degree in Sports Management and Business

Erskine College

Certified PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator


Master Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy

Converse College

Certified Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) Therapist


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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