Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern #15029

My areas of expertise are abuse (sexual, verbal or physical), neglect, loss, codependency, life transitions, aging, life-limiting illness, depression, anxiety, poor relational skills, low self-esteem, suicide and OCD. As we work together to bring light into your challenges we can disarm the negative impact and empower you to thrive.

What is your main goal when working with a client?

My first goal is creating a connection of trust and respect. Only then can you feel safe in sharing past negative experiences that contribute to present problems. Following this, my second goal is to sit and hear your story. In the telling, we may discover hidden feelings and perceptions that are harming your well-being. Lastly, the goal is to walk with you away from your pain and confusion into a hope-filled life.

What is your approach and what methods do you employ?

My approach is a holistic approach; which means I look at the whole person, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts that make you who you are. I seek to find areas in your life that are hurt, overloaded or undernourished. I use a mixture of therapies directly related to who my client is. Counseling is unique—there is no “one size fits all.” Lastly, since God’s love has touched every area of my life, I offer to counsel from a biblical perspective if this is what you would like.

What age groups do you most often work with?

I most often work with older teens to older adults.

Are you passive or active in the session, what can a client typically expect sessions to be like while working with you?

I follow your lead in working together, unraveling the tangles in your life. We spend fifty minutes talking over what has helped and where more help is needed. In our sessions, you can expect a calm, safe place where you are heard and where we become a team for success.

What is your background and what are your credentials?

My background is “The Academy of Life” which includes marriage, foreign adoption, raising children, homeschooling, life-limiting illness and grandparenthood. I am a Registered Mental Health Counselor.

What is the reason you decided to get into counseling?

I am from a long line of confused and depressed people, and some unfortunate things have happened to me. I believe it has been walking this path towards awareness, healing and wholeness that has helped my work as a counselor. Today, with many hours as a mental health consumer, I have seen that counseling works!

I invite you to consider taking the next step on your own journey too.

Tell us about your education.

I received my Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in 2016.


Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies

Liberty University

Hospice Certified


Member of American Association of Christian Counselors


Member of Grace House Pregnancy Clinic


Master of Arts Professional Counseling

Liberty University

Member of American Counseling Association


Member of Counselors of Central Florida

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