Doug Shoemaker

It’s a joy to be part of a team that works to make a difference, and we want people to know that they are welcome and appreciated here. I strive to make the business end of things smooth, efficient and simple so that their experience continues to be a warm and welcoming one.

What brought you to Orlando?

To pursue business.

What is your professional or educational background?

I Studied Psychology and Computer programming at Miami Dade Community College, and Biblical studies at Columbia University in South Carolina. I worked for a Medical Device company for 18 years, in various positions including Sales, Shipping/Receiving, I.T. Systems Analyst and Operations Management. I also worked for a large seafood distribution company in various capacities including HR, Quality Assurance, I.T. Systems Management and Project Management.

How did you come to work at Gilstrap & Associates?

I helped manage Gilstrap & Associates’ owner’s father’s company several years ago. When Gilstrap & Associates called me when a new Business Manager was needed, I was very humbled and very thrilled to be part of the team!

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