Positively You: Women’s Self-Esteem Group


Positively You: Women’s Self-Esteem Group

Do you struggle with self-confidence? Self-compassion? Constantly criticizing your body, doubting your own abilities or being too hard on yourself? Then this group is for you.

This 6-week self-esteem group for women ages 20-30 will cover how to discover your positive sense of self. How to gain power over your negative voice and begin to speak what is compassionate and helpful to your self. How to correct your limiting beliefs and value the gifts and talents you have. How to handle difficult relationships and have healthy ones.



March 21st - April 25th, 2019 | 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Cost per group is $35. Women ages 20-30 only. Bulk rates available.

Call 407-522-9919 or email info@gnorlando.com to sign up and reserve your spot. Space is limited.


Hosted By Shannon Hargrave, LMHC

Sign up today and reserve your spot.
Space is limited.


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