Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Licensed Mental Health Counselor #16833
Certified Grief Counselor

I have found I enjoy working in the areas of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and trauma related disorders.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor #16664
A.R.T. Certified Therapist

I enjoy working with hurting and confused people who are looking for an empathetic ear to help them on their journey. Whether an individual, couple, or a family; I like to help people investigate their hurt and brokenness and discover their path to healing and health.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor #15949
A.R.T. Certified Therapist

My specialties are working with individuals and families who may have lost direction in life and need help finding their way back on their path.  I also specialize in helping those that live everyday with some sort of struggle.  This includes struggles with eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders and even those individuals that struggle with poor habits and decision making which causes a disturbance in daily living.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor #15779
A.R.T. Certified Therapist

My areas of expertise include trauma focused interventions, as well as crisis informed care aimed at addressing various cognitive, emotional, and behavioral disorders. I am also trained to work with individuals and families dealing with grief and loss, divorce, “blended” families, and abuse.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor #16207
A.R.T. Certified Therapist

My areas of expertise are working with couples to save families and marriages, veterans, substance abuse, and those who are generally hurting. Issues I specialize in are anxiety, depression, substance dependence, anger and fear, to name a few.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor #15562

I enjoy working with couples and providing a safe place for two people to work through marital struggles. I also work heavily with women and women’s issues. I have a variety of experience working with different stages of life transitions like first-time parents, empty nest syndrome and the psychological effects of growing older.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor #15329

I assist individuals of all ages in navigating through difficulties, like anxiety, depression, abuse, anger management, ADHD, codependency, relationship concerns, social phobia, peer conflict/bullying, grief/loss, divorce care, life adjustments, work stress, career decisions, and identity.

In addition, I do family systems work with couples and families to address relational issues, such as conflict resolution, communication, infidelity, grief/loss, life adjustments, and premarital counseling.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor #14405

I specialize in working with teens, children and families. The areas I am experienced in are depression, self-injury, parenting issues, teen issues, anxiety, anger management, low self-esteem, and poor communication skills. I also have experience working with addictions in both teens and adults.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor #13418

My specialties include self-injury, eating disorders, depression, self-worth, body image and anxiety. The population I work with most often are teenage girls and young adult women.

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